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If someone has access to your cell phone and IMEI code, for just a few minutes, your life can become an open book! Some spy software is so sophisticated that it records conversations in the vicinity of the phone, even when you are not using it. Text messages that have been erased are easy to get at with inexpensive spy technology. Read on to learn a way to protect yourself from this invasion of privacy and what you should do if you think you are being spied on through your cell phone. To protect yourself you must understand the basics of this technology and how it works.

The spy needs two things: the IMEI code for your phone and software to connect with that code.

How to Spy a Phone via the Best IMEI Number Tracker

It is found in the battery compartment of each phone and is 15 digits long. There are three places the spy can get the IMEI number:. Spy cell phone software is inexpensive and available on hundreds of Internet sites. It is easy to install and can be downloaded directly from the Internet to your phone in seconds. The combination of software installed on your phone and the IMEI number make you a sitting duck for any kind of surveillance activity.

The spy can now monitor your activities from a home computer or a smart phone. Please tell me the specific answers. I assume that some mobile carriers do triangulate handset locations based on the phone number in the SIM card, if you got your phone from your carrier. You should talk to your provider and see if they can do something for you in this respect. Recently, I have lost my Android phone. I approached Police Station to lodge an FIR but they refused to do so except putting rubber stamp on the application.

Even service provider denied to do more except blocking SIM Card.

Try using Android Device Manager to spot the location of your stolen phone. Can anybody get my mobile history like my internet history call logs n messeges if they have my imei number?? That could only happen if your carrier has been recording these things and the attacker has access to the carrier database, granted the carrier is associating this information with your IMEI in the first place.

Is there any connection of that? I was discussing with motorola problems my droid was having with automatic updates. One agent, after verifying my phone number, said my phone was corrupted and tried to get me to buy a new phone supposedly after consulting tier 2 tech support. Upon trying chat after hours, I was advised by level 1 support to do a factory data reset. This was after avoiding giving the agent my IMEI. I told her I did not think she needed it. So we continued and the reset worked, and made updates available. Well, two updates worked, the system version and another, but the third failed.

I am still not running Jelly Bean I told the second chat representative the next day. She asked for my IMEI. She told me she needed it to see if my phone was out of date. I told her my android version was and what the failed update code was, but she got pissed and disconnected me.

Why do they need the IMEI? Yeah, I gave them the OS version, and my phone number and my email, but tier one still needed my IMEI, even though in the end all three tier one people did not do anything to help me. The last one said he would try to push the update but later said he could not, so I was finally given permission to talk to tire 2, which did push the update. But the fact that the first tier one support person I spoke to on the phone said I needed a new phone is what made me suspicious. What a crock!

The support person I talked to on the phone did verify my phone, so when I talked to chat I was skeptical to give them the IMEI, as I feared they might also say I needed a new phone. But if it was I would probably be able to get the update faster on my own. So I have heard. Ok, I have left my email address in the system. Now I am looking for some of the Tech guys from the carriers..

I WONT disclose full details, but I am looking for the software which when you type in a mobile number it links into who know where? And lists the imei numbers for the device its being used in and also allows you to locate the device where it is. I am south african and with a law enforcement agency. Cellphone companies wont disclose the name. I have been hinted it is used by C-Track south africa but they deny it. They do have a way… And have help me before. Do you of any such software or databases…. So everyone need to go and register their phone to the authorities, and the nr will be available to 8 government institusions.

I dont know if this is legal. I bought blackberry playbook. Not sure if this is original or fake. Imei in the software and the one displayed at the back of the device are the same.

How to spy on a device with IMEI number

When i tried to check the imei in the internet imei. Is it fake? Or just an error in phone registration in the internet? The one is correct but the other 1 is not. Im sure these samsung phones are original. Thanks much. Not all IMEI numbers will have the proper manufacturer in a public database. Simply having your IMEI number allows them no such privilege. Hello guys! I have a question about this IMEI number and the risks of giving to someone. Is it safe to give my number? Is there any risk? Hello, I need help! Last Friday my business iPhone SE was stolen.

I was relying on the my 6 digit password and on the Find my iPhone APP, but have been told now that this is naive… there is no security and anybody can hack and change a iPhone identity with online instructions. Is this correct info and if yes, would this creature then also have all the business data from my phone??

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Thanks for your reply. I lost my iPhone x My carrier already blocked the imei no of my phone I am pretty sure no one can use my phone in my country Can anybody use it in overseas?

Will it work or no? I google searched and came across this article which is well written and very informative; providing all the info one would need to Understand the use and implications of IMEI. What makes me shake my head in awe is the stupidity of people in the comments. Has any one bothered to actually read and comprehend the article?

As a whole, technology has made the masses: DUMB! Your ALL dumb! My sim card company store IMEI numbers for all phones used. However, all last digits of imei are replaced by zero. Does this mean that the last digit is irrelevant? Some peoples said the last digit belonging with SIM or Network?. Is there any harm in giving them this info?

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Cell phone tracker through imei number

Sir I have a small doubt my mobile is Samsung galaxy s8 and mobile has lost I have already given complaint to police department 3 months finish but no result in searching. If the stolen person changed the IMEI no police can find that mobile or not please reply me. What explanation do you have for this little mishap.

I was recently a victim of id theft. If not what ways could they have gotten it. Perhaps you had an app that turned over your IMEI to the thief; and it could have been a vulnerable app that the thief exploited.

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